CodingApi is an open source organization.

CodingApi will lead you through the three dimensions of project management, technical architecture and team motivation to build a good R&D team.

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What is CodingApi?

I think that agile thinking needs to go from at least three perspectives: project management, technical ability, and team motivation. Only by establishing a good system of institutions can we achieve agility. Join CodingApi and let everyone explore and learn how to build agile path from 0.

Project management

Today's agile development has been recognized as a good management method for software project development. Combined with today's rapid development of technology, how to better combine technology and project management will be more interesting.

Technical framework

Today is the era of microservices, containerization, and artificial intelligence technology. If you want to make a product well, it does not depend on any excellent technology.

Team motivation

A good incentive model will make a poor team better, and OKR may be more in line with the incentive model of the R&D team.